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Friday, July 29, 2011

Its myself ☺

Hai guys? How are you today ? fine or bad? Hm .. forget it . I'll introduce myself to you before posting a article about others , well silent pleaseee ... sssstt !! haha #PLAAAK

~ Whats My Name? Um .. My name's Sonia Sanny a.ka Sonia Sanny Harahap
who knows gue terlahir dari seorang keluarga bersuku batak. haha #abaikan

~ Whats My Nickname? yeah , of course ! you can call me nia :) or others , sample Sonia? :D yeaah

~ I was born at Jakarta on November , 30th 1996 . so its mean im fourteen years old now . yeaayyy~
masih muda kan yeh? yadong yadong?

~ I very very loveeeee Listening to the music *hampa terasa kalo gak dengerin musik* haha Semua genre musik gue suka . but not for genre Dangdut ! huh !! so .. entahlah . gak suka aja hhe eh tapi tunggu sebentar deng . gue lebih lebih dan lebih lebih suka sama genre Jazz ! yeah , hidup Jazz !! sample Maliq & D'essentials , Ecoutez , Ten 2 Five , Tompi , Andien , Abdul , etc . of course :) Tapi gue lagi addicted banget sama musik barat. #abaikan , i looveee Reading , Photography , Fashion , Travelling , Gowes , Blue (Sleep is very nice job) ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ

~My Destination in life is To Be a Succesfull People , makes my parents proud of me , and blablabla

~ I very very looooooveee my BestFriends , my Sista , my Brader , my Parents and not forget my God Allah swt :) Thanks God i found them , i have them ♥ i cant life without them in my life . lafyu all

~ I love myself . I am who I am , judge me all you want and see if i care (っ˘з˘)っ its me guys ! gue yang manja , gue yang super duper cuek , gue yang keras kepala , gue yang pendiem , gue yang pemalu , and blablabla yeah lafyu myself  ♥

I think thats only guys . i'll try to update post as usually as i can . seeyou .. :)


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