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Thursday, October 6, 2016

The saddest thing is when people lose their grip on reality just because they're in love.

Sometimes, you can let your fantasy outweight the reality, it's fine, but the thing is, people are gradually thinking that love is all about; happiness, joy, or a thing that gives us the euphoria of being with someone, but it's not all about that.

People expect more, we expect falling in love without getting hurt, we tend to create a beautiful fantasy but when the things you've been expecting is not happening, a pang of dissappointment will sear you.

Never refuse to face the reality, for you'll only be lying to yourself.

When you get hurt, when you feel like your heart have been literally ripped apart, we start to lose the reason why we fell in love at the first place, then we start to lose our love until you'll realize it has completely vanished.

Because the whole time; when things were as pleasant as the morning sun, when songs only spoke the sweetest rhytmes and when everything just felt so right; not a single second was spent contemplating about the reality of what love really is.

We think we trully fell in love, but the truth is, we fell in love with the idea of love that we crafted in our minds.

The truth is, love is not all about being happy; falling in love with includes heartbreaks, pain, and sacrifices; these things are part of the package, it's inevitable.

In love, we get hurt and we hurt.

That's what love is.

October 2016


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