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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Dearest Blog...

I just want to tell you, its very unfair. Like a stuck road. I was draw and write everything, then I broke the paper. Draw again and erase, and repeat it. I don't know is it mean I'm comfort or not. Hahaha, very shay to say that. But I saw the eyes who told me "be calm, everythings gonna be right". Sometimes its told me "hey, you're a good girl, so  dont  be afraid.." and its really make me no worry, then I feel better. I won't this feel walked more than this. Now is comfortable enough for me. Hahaha, this is curhat tergalau I ever made! Hahahaha. Thanks to be best place to share, who not judge or hate me and always stay when I need.

Njiiir, gue nangis meeeen!! :)))))))))) HAHAHAHA

With my pleasure, with my english which very very not good..
Thanks a lot my dearest blog. =')


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