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Monday, April 9, 2012

No Me Ames (English)

Tell me why you’re crying…
Of happiness.
And why are you drowning?
for loneliness
Tell me why you take my hands so strongly, and let your
thoughts carry you away

I love you so much
And why is that?
Crazy stubborn person, stop doubting it any longer
Even though in the future there will be a huge wall
I’m not afraid, I want to fall in love

Dont love me, because you think that
I may appear different
You dont think its right
For us to see time go by together?
Dont love me, I understand
the lie that it would be
If your love, I don;t deserve, dont love me,
just stay another day

Dont love me, because I am lost,
Because I changed the world,Because its destiny
Because it can’t be, We both are like a mirror,
And you would be my own reflection
Don’t love me, you would be dying
Within a war full of regrets,
dont love me to be on the ground, I want to take off (fly away) with your enormous love thru the blue of the sky


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